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Achievements 2019/2020

Get Set 4 PE

We are pleased to announce that a video case study was filmed by Get Set 4 PE at our school. You can view the video by clicking here. If you would like more information about our PE curriculum and Sports Premium Plan, visit our PE Curriculum page. 

Forest School Gold Award

We are pleased to announce Mrs Pabla, our Forest Schools leader has been awarded the Forest Schools GOLD Award. This has been presented to highlight the achievements the school has made in developing our learning experiences in our forest. 

Our Forest School is an fun and inspirational resource that offers all our learners regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands on outdoor learning experiences. The children have enjoyed hands on experience with exploring the outdoor environment,  whilst enjoying different aspects of the curriculum. 

Cranford Sports Day 

On Tuesday 21st January, ten Year 2 children represented Norwood Green Infant School in a Year 2 Skills Festival against 48 other schools from the borough.

The children took part in 3 types of carousel, each consisting of 8 different races. There was a games related carousel, an athletics related carousel and a multi-skills carousel. The children showed off their dribbling, passing, running, aiming, throwing, catching, teamwork and agility in a variety of activities.

There was a very stringent scoring system in place, which depended on how you performed as to your overall score for that particular activity. Points were awarded for excellent skills, teamwork and respect. The squad of ten worked together as a team showing super sportsmanship and accumulated an excessive amount of points.

The team were credited on several occasions for scoring the highest round on certain activities out of all the schools. Sadly, this was not enough to give us a final first, second or third place. 

Norwood Green Infants were an absolute credit to the school whom we are extremely proud of and I’m sure you will join us in celebrating their fantastic sportsmanship. Well done to all!

Music Mark Award

We are delighted to announce that we have received a Music Mark Award to celebrate the schools effort in delivering high quality music education. Mrs Harvey, our school's music teacher, provides weekly lessons to children across the school, teaching them about music.

Mrs Harvey sings, plays instruments and inspires children to develop a love of music. The school is proud of this achievement and recognises the value of music within our curriculum. We are actively engaged in improving the music education provision within our school community. 

Deaf Football Coach Award

We are proud to announce that Ben Lampert, our school’s Deaf Football Club coach has won a "Changing Lives" award after being selected as a finalist by UK coaching Awards. Ben runs a weekly Deaf football club at our school and is passionate about breaking down barriers and bringing together diverse communities through sport. Congratulations Ben and keep up the great work! 


Year 2 London Chess Competition

On Wednesday 4th December, 10 children were selected from Year 2 to represent the school at a London Chess Tournament. The children were amongst 20 others from Year 2 who received weekly chess lessons during lunchtime.

The 10 children chosen spent the day at Olympia in London where they had the opportunity to be taught tactical chess moves, delivered by previous chess masters (including how to perform ‘checkmate’ in 4 moves!)

During the afternoon, the children competed in the grand tournament against two other schools. Again, points were awarded to each child for a win, lose and draw.

Overall, Norwood Green Infants came away with an outstanding bronze, silver and gold medal! This was a fantastic achievement for these children considering they are in the infancy stages of playing such a tactical game. Despite their determination, patience and resilience being put to the test, they just kept getting better and better.

We are so proud of the whole team’s outstanding sportsmanship and I’m sure you will all agree they served the school marvelously.

Year 1 Sports Competition

On Wednesday 27th November, nine Year 1 children took part in an indoor skills festival competing against 22 other schools. The children showed off their dribbling, passing, running, aiming, throwing and catching skills in a variety of activities. Each activity earnt the team different points, which were quickly racked up throughout the day. The squad of nine worked together as a team and displayed great tactics and showed fantastic sportsmanship.

During the award ceremony, Norwood Green Infants were extremely delighted to receive an overall silver place, making them second out of 22 schools. The winning team won by a mere few points. Well done to all and a huge thank you to the parents for your continued support.

Deaf Football Club Coach Nomination

We are proud to announce that Ben Lampert, our school’s Deaf Football Club coach has been nominated as a finalist for a 'Changing Lives' Award run by UK Coaching Awards. Along with his colleague and former pupil Fredrick DaCosta, they both run a weekly Deaf Football club at our school with our Centre for the Deaf Teacher, Claire Jackson Young.

BBC London News made an exciting visit on Tuesday to film Ben in action and highlight his work and contribution in the school towards teaching both hearing and deaf children football. Several children were interviewed to find out what they have learnt at football club.

We wish Ben the best of luck in achieving the 'Changing Lives' award for his hard work and contribution in the community. The Awards and winners will be announced on the 5th December. To read more about this award please click on the link below:

EAL Gold Quality Award

We are proud to announce that Norwood Green Infant & Nursery school has received an EAL GOLD Quality Mark for our effort and achievement towards meeting the needs of children learning English as an additional language. 

Click the link below to read an article published by the EAL Academy about our award:

Norwood Green Infant and Nursery School EAL Award

One World Marathon

The One World Marathon is an organisation that has been set up to support the devastating effects of violent extremism across the world. This event is mainly in relation to the New York bombing at the time of their marathon. Not only is the organisation aiming to promote healthy lifestyles, it also promotes resilience in individuals and their communities. Many schools across the world participated in this event to show their support.

By supporting this, we aim to inspire people to work together as a global community. At Norwood Green Infant & Nursery School, all children in all year groups participated in this global marathon. This meant that the school's team ran all two laps of our field, which equates to 200 metres. A total of 307 children in our school took part from many different countries, making it the first virtual global marathon of its kind. 

A group of 8 children from Year 2 also took part in a video conference with other children from an International school in Boston, New York to discuss and share their first ever virtual online experience.  With 307 children, each completing 500 metres, a grand total of 95.3 miles was completed in our school team.

Achievements 2018/2019 

Cake Sale Award

We are proud to announce that Norwood Green Infant & Nursery School has received a certificate for our participation and support in raising money for The National Deaf Children's Society. The school raised £386.45 during Deaf Awareness Week by holding a 'Big Cake Sale.' 

Travel Plan Award

We are pleased to announce that Norwood Green Infant & Nursery School has been awarded Gold Level accreditation for our Travel Plan. This means that our school has been recognised for putting measures in place to ensure that our children are well educated on important matters such as road safety, healthy travel to school and healthy lifestyles. We have recently implemented the Perfect Parking Pledge. We are proud to inspire the children at our school and to improve road safety in the local community as well as their health and wellbeing.

Forest Schools Silver Award

It is with great pleasure to announce Mrs Pabla, our Forest Schools leader has now been awarded the Forest Schools Silver Award, this is a huge reflection of how we have developed our learning experiences in our forest. 

Our Forest School is an inspirational resource that offers ALL learners regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands on outdoor learning experiences. The children have enjoyed hands on experience with exploring the outdoor environment,  whilst enjoying different aspects of the curriculum. 

Forest Schools Bronze Award

Mrs Pabla, our Forest Schools leader has won the Forest Schools Bronze Award. This reflects the huge amount of work Mrs Pabla has put in alongside the brilliant environment our site manager has created. Our school grounds are a really exceptional resource that really helps the children with all parts of their learning and development.

National Reading for Pleasure Award

A letter has been received from Sir Phillip Pullman, telling us that the school has won the National Reading for Pleasure award from the society of authors. Here are some of the things they said
“A brilliant school. The bright, hard- working atmosphere is there from the moment you enter the building- corridors and classrooms covered with lively projects and artwork… nurturing a love of books at school and at home. Weather permitting, the children and teachers go on a daily mile run- and you can see the benefits. Every child was eager to listen, question and learn and every teacher engaged and enthusiastic. Special thanks to Miss Riddell for her organisational skills and her energy and support.”

 Cranford Sports Competition

On Wednesday 23rd January 2019, nine Year 2 children took part in the Hounslow inter-school sports day at Cranford Community College. They competed in 6 different races: rugby, relay baton, obstacle course, scoop and ball, hurdles and a hoop race. Team Norwood Green came first in their group and made it to the semi- finals. They then raced again and came in the top 4 teams that made it into the grand final!

The children raced one last time in the final and we are very proud to say that they came in 4th place out of 41 schools. Well done to all the children who took part in the sports day, they put in 100% effort. We would also like to thank Coach Pete Lammas for training the children before the event and Sports Impact for organising the event. It was a great day and a huge success for Norwood Green.