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Love, Laugh & Learn Together

Bluebell CLASS

Welcome to Bluebell Class!

We love going on adventures with our teachers Miss Oren and Mrs Masih.

In topic, we are learning all about superheroes and not only do we get to act out rescue missions, we can later write about them during English. If you ever have a problem or are in need of help, look no further than Bluebell Class because we will accept any challenge and try our best to find a solution. Bluebell’s to the rescue! Sometimes learning is hard, especially when it comes to new things, but we in Bluebell class say “we can do it!” and we give it our best try. Going on the daily mile keeps us strong and even if we feel tired, we keep going until our mission is accomplished. After all, it’s all in a day’s work. We hope to see you soon on our next adventure!