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 Eco Schools

At Norwood Green Infants we have achieved the Eco School Green Flag Accreditation Award. The children chose the following topics after an extensive eco audit of our school environment.

Topics & Aims

 WasteWe aim to increase awareness of the importance of recycling  and reusing within our school community.

  LitterWe aim to reduce the amount of litter on our school   grounds and immediate vicinity of our school.

School GroundsWe aim to provide opportunities for all children

to take responsibility for planting and looking after plants, fruits, and vegetables on school grounds.









Watch our ECO School Message video by clicking here.

Click here to download our mnemonic example of GO GREEN.

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Parents Zone

Your children have been learning all about waste, litter and how to improve our school grounds this year as a part of their eco-schools work.

Here are some interesting facts and useful tips to help you to support this work at home and to do your bit to look after out environment:

  • REDUCE the amount we throw away i.e. donating unwanted items to family, friends, neighbours and charity shops.
  • REUSE items for other purposes instead of throwing them away. Examples are; paper can be used as scrap paper for drawing, cardboard can be used for art projects and plastic bags can be reused in shops.  Jars and pots can be used for planting and for storing objects such as pencils.
  • RECYCLE more by putting all recyclable items into your recycling bins/boxes for collection.

 Useful Hints & Tips

Did you know? - That most of the rubbish a family throws away each yeah weighs the same as a car!  Most of this ends up in landfills and continues to harm our planet.

Give items a new home - You can give your unwanted clothing, toys, phones, furniture and general household items to friends and family who could use them or then donate to a charity shop.  Recycling online; there are now several charities that will accept donations and collect these from your doorstep.  Check out and enter your postcode.

Bulky recyclables  - You can take your larger household items to your local 'Household Recycling & Reuse Centre' for free.  Some local councils also collect from your doorstep for a small fee.

Food Waste - Food is too good to what can we do about it?

The 'Eat Now' leftover box - Many families waste hundreds of pounds per year on food that they throw away that could have been eaten.  The 'Eat Now' leftover box is a great fun way to help reduce what you throw away too.  Make time to look through your fridge with your children a few days before you do your next big food shop.  Anything that needs to be used right away put into a @Eat Now' box.  This is the food that usually gets forgotten to be eaten in time and is thrown away.  Add up the total cost of the foods in the box over a 4 week period to see how mush money you have saved.

Remember the three R's: to help reduce your waste and save the environment.

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