Norwood Green

Love, Laugh & Learn Together

Enriched Curriculum

The children at Norwood Green take part in various fun activities, trips and workshops as part of their learning. Check here regularly to find out what the children have been doing:

Queen's Platinum Jubilee

To celebrate The Queen's Jubilee, the children dressed up in the National colours of red, white and blue, as well as Kings & Queens.  They created they're own royal crowns to wear in the school parade and the whole school had a Jubilee themed lunch.  To watch a video from the celebrations please click here.

London Symphony Orchestra Trip

9th May 2022

On Monday the Centre for the Deaf and Year 2 pupils went to participate in a special concert. They saw the London Symphony Orchestra play at the famous Barbican Hall, which included a variety of pieces performed, before joining in with two songs that had been written especially for the event.  Click here to see more.

Early Years 'Love Yourself' Show

29th - 31st March 2022

Before the Easter break all the Nursery & Reception children performed in a live show for their parents and the rest of the school.  It was a huge success and great to be able to invite parents into the school again.  Please click here to watch the children's brilliant singing and dancing.

Year 1 Legoland Trip

                                        31st March 2022

The pupils in Year 1 got to go on a school trip to Legoland in Windsor. They got to see all the different Lego displays including a miniature version of the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye, all made from Lego bricks.

Pancake Day

1st March 2022

Pupils from Early Years and the Centre for the Deaf were asked to assist in a  themed cooking class, to help prepare all the correct ingredients to whisk, cook, flip and eat pancakes.  Staff members got to eat the pancakes and gave our pancake making pupils a five star review!

Children's Mental Health Week

7th- 11th February 2022

The school planned a range of activities around the theme 'growing together' which included a bake sale, dress up day and a balloon release.  Thank you to all the Parents/Carers who got involved with baking and donating.  We raised money for the Place2Be charity who provide support and counselling in schools for children and families throughout the UK.  Click here to see the children release the balloons.

Reception Police Visit

24th January 2022

The beginning of this year, the children in Reception started  learning about the 'Emergency Services' and what the different  occupations are.  They were visited by four Metropolitan Police Officers who came visited the school for the day, in order to talk about the special equipment they use and how important their job is!

Year 1 Church Trip

8th December 2021

The children in Year 1 went to visit a local church to look and explore its different features. They were given a guided tour about the different customs and traditions of people who visit the church as part of their learning topic in class. All the children really enjoyed their visit.   

Violin Lessons

December 2021 - March 2022

Violin lessons have resumed and a group of children have been learning to play the Violin every week with an instructor. The children have made great progress in learning various techniques, how to hold their violin and play basic musical notes. The children taking part will be practicing towards performing a musical concert in the future.

Winter Fair

30th November - 1st December 2021

Thank you to everyone who supported our Winter Fairs on Tuesday and Wednesday. They were both hugely successful events and we managed to raise £875.00 The money raised will go towards supporting children’s learning and development in our school. There were a variety of stalls ranging from face painting and nails, through to tasty smores and chocolate covered marshmallows. The event was enjoyed by all! We look forward to holding further community events in our school.


Exciting Writing Week

15th - 19th November 2021

The children enjoyed a fantastic ‘Exciting Writing’ week with lots of wonderful writing and creative activities going on across the school. The theme this year was "Somewhere over the Rainbow" The teachers worked hard to decorate their classrooms and the work the children completed was displayed on some beautiful corridor displays.

On Friday the children came to school dressed in their favourite colours and performed colour songs and poems in a special zoom assembly. Our reading challenge was also a great success and children were awarded certificates for taking part.

Anti - Bullying Week

12th November 2019 

As part of anti-bullying week, an assembly was held by Mr Willetts about Anti-Bullying.  Children learnt about kindness and feelings through a story. Our school is proud of the positive behaviour displayed by our pupils across the school and we are committed to making the school a safe and welcoming place where our children can feel happy and supported.

Remembrance Day

11th November 2021

The children at Norwood Green all took part in designing a Poppy to commemorate Remembrance Day. There were many wonderful contributions from across the school which were then collected and displayed. The children learnt about why Remembrance Day is celebrated and the school took part in holding a 2 minute silence at 11am. 

Animal Workshop

             11th November 2021

The children in Year 1 had the opportunity to meet some very small special animals in an Animal Workshop. This exciting science learning experience enabled the children to learn about different classifications of animal groups. They participated in first hand observations and had the opportunity to hold various animals including a rabbit and a snake. 


Diwali Sparklers

4th November 2021

The children in Playgroup have been learning about the Festival Diwali. They all make chocolate covered sparklers dipped in sprinkles. The activity is lots of fun and the children enjoy eating their yummy treats with all their friends.


Pumpkin Exploring

           22nd October 2021

The children in Nursery have been learning about the Festival "Halloween" As part of their learning, they have been exploring real pumpkins looking at what is inside and scooping out the seeds. They have also been making witches hats and using different materials to create collages.



Harvest Festival

11th - 15th October 2021

The school celebrated Harvest Festival week where each year group took part in an assembly and discussed the importance of the food they have and how everyone can support those less fortunate than themselves. The school received a generous amount of food items in our annual food collection and donation to St Johns Church.

Sound Steps Music School

6th October 2021

An assembly was held for the children in KS1 to learn about the keyboard instrument. Music Teachers from the Sound Steps school paid a visit to give all the children a demonstration of how to play the keyboard. The children enjoyed listening to the music and some had a chance to join in and create some music.

Great Fire of London

5th October 2021

Children in Year 2 took part in a "Great Fire of London Workshop" where they travelled back in time to September 1666 and learnt facts about how London was affected by the Great Fire. Through drama based activities, the children had a chance to reenact the event, learn how the fire started and what people did to help put the fire out.

Mini Marathon Day 

24th September 2021

Children across the school dressed up in their sports clothes and took part in a Mini Marathon Day. This was to raise money for the National Deaf Children's Society, a charity Mr Willetts raised money for when he took part in the London marathon on the 3rd October 2021. The total amount raised was £1,585.00.