Norwood Green

Love, Laugh & Learn Together

Enriched Curriculum

The children at Norwood Green take part in various fun activities, trips and workshops as part of their learning. Check here regularly to find out what the children have been doing:

Sound Steps Music School

6th October 2021

An assembly was held for the children in KS1 to learn about the keyboard music instrument. Music Teachers from the Sound Steps school paid a visit to give all the children a demonstration of how to play the keyboard. The children enjoyed listening to the music and some had a chance to join in and create some music.

Great Fire of London

5th October 2021

Children in Year 2 took part in a "Great Fire of London Workshop" where they travelled back in time to September 1666 and learnt facts about how London was affected by the Great Fire. The children were led through drama based activities where they had a chance to reenact the event, learn how the fire started and what people did to help put the fire out.

Mini Marathon Day 

24th September 2021

Children across the school dressed up in their sports clothes and took part in a Mini Marathon Day. This was to raise money for the NDCS, a charity Mr Willetts raised money for, when he took part in the London marathon on the 3rd October 2021. The total amount raised was £1,585.00.