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Google Classroom

We will be launching our new ‘Google Classroom’ platform

on Thursday 21st January 2021.

Google classroom will allow us to post messages, work and tasks to the children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 and hold it all in one place.

The remote learning coming home through google classroom will not change significantly but it will provide staff with a wider range of teaching, learning and assessment tools and our children with one place that holds all the work they are expected to complete each week and a diverse range of activities presented in a variety of ways.

As this is a new platform to the staff and children, there are sure to be some teething problems but as we all become more familiar with it this will enhance how Norwood Green Infants delivers it curriculum during difficult times like now and in everyday school life.

Google Classroom Tutorial Video

Please watch this short video clip to help you with the first steps in understanding ‘Google Classroom’, logging on for the first time and how it works. The password will be sent to you in ParentMail

Google Classroom Video Tutorial

Google Classroom will become our main platform for learning, homework and sharing with our Norwood Green Infants. However, our school website still holds all the Home Learning you need to access and up to date school information.