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Love, Laugh & Learn Together


History tells the story of our planet and the development of humanity. 

We inspire our children at Norwood Green Infants to have a well-rounded understanding of the whole world in which we live, to explore, discover and experience being a part of the different stages of history and to become History makers themselves!

The teachers and children at Norwood Green Infants love to learn together and throughout the History curriculum achieve this through engaging in fun, practical and exciting opportunities, whilst at the same time developing their historical knowledge and vocabulary in a light-hearted yet meaningful way.

We endeavour to ensure that History is recognised as an essential part of our children’s education and is taught in accordance with our whole school ethos; “Love, laugh and learn together”.  As we incorporate our ethos in teaching History, this inspires the children’s curiosity through hands-on experiences, critical thinking and learning together, the ability to understand the ‘story’ of Britain’s past and the wider world, their personal identity, and having the respect for other cultures and points of view.

Our vision for History is ambitious and in keeping with the diverse school community, we seek to move beyond local narrative to embrace a wider view of peoples and nations.  We aim to achieve this vision by:

  • Children ‘travelling back in time’ and ‘across the globe’ to see how humans have shaped our world and have been shaped by it.
  • Stimulating pupils’ interests in and curiosity about past events.
  • Increasing knowledge and understanding of the changing world and how the past influences the present.
  • Encouraging pupils to ask perceptive questions and propose solutions to problems and events.
  • Developing competence in historical investigative skills.

On a whole school scale, our ethos to “Love, laugh and learn together is clearly entwined throughout Black History week in October where all our children take part in and experience a vast array of engaging, hands-on and cross curricular activities promoting quality and respect for people from all different cultures and backgrounds. Children gain a growing understanding of how people’s lives were shaped by significant events in the wider world through stories, poems and music from different cultures.

The curriculum is enriched through interactive workshops brought into school often involving role play so that children are able to explore ideas and themes in more depth.  The unit on The Great Fire of London is a perfect example of this, where our Year 2 children re-enact the burning of the houses outside on the school field, allowing them to experience on a small scale the tragedy which took place that day and empathising with the people who felt a great loss a long time ago.

As part of our Year 1 unit on Old and New Toys, children develop perspective and judgement by handling toys from different times in the past. Children are encouraged to think critically about the similarities and differences of the same toys over different periods of time and consider historical concepts such as continuity and change. Their leaning is consolidated in a fun an immersive way by organising the classroom into a toy museum. 

Through the curriculum we create opportunities for all our children to participate in engaging lessons and workshops. We study and explore real artefacts, while gathering evidence and going on relevant educational visits, allowing them to experience and develop a love for history and all the richness that it has to offer. Our teaching also helps our children to make links between the changing world and their own identity while gaining an understanding of the challenges that existed in the past and those of the present day.

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