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Children at Norwood Green Infants enjoy all forms of music making.  They are free to explore, play and extend their thinking and ideas.

At Norwood Green Infant School, music and the arts are valued. Staff work hard to engage and inspire the children with a variety of experiences which develop the children’s love of music and increase their self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement.

In the Early Years children sing everyday with greeting songs, songs for tidy up time, lining up and home time as well as favourite songs that we sing in class. The children are given the chance to explore a variety of percussion instruments and experiment with the different sounds they make. The children also have a lesson each week with a specialist music teacher where they have a chance to develop musical skills such as rhythm, volume and tempo using musical games and songs.

In Key Stage 1 all children receive a weekly music lesson from a music specialist. During these lessons, the children are given the chance to learn about duration, volume, tempo, pitch, beat and rhythm, as well as sing a variety of songs, play percussion instruments and Boomwhackers.

We also explore sound making using junk instruments, stones, newspaper and body percussion!


There are also weekly singing assemblies. All children learn a variety of songs of different genres. There are also opportunities for children to add their own verses to some of our favourite songs ‘A Cat sat on a mat’ and ‘Who stole my chicken and my hen?’' These are always inventive and popular with the children.

Singing also takes place daily in class with songs used for daily tasks such as getting into a circle, tidying up, start of the day and home time songs.

Instrumental Teaching

All children in Year 2 learn the recorder. They have a set of 7 lessons which take place weekly in each class and are taught by our music specialist. There is no charge to the children for the lessons. The children are given a recorder for the duration of the lessons which they can take home to practice. The children learn 3 notes: B, A, G,  which enables them to perform a short musical piece to the rest of the school in assembly.

Although 7 weeks is a relatively short period in music education terms, it is enough to give them an introduction to reading music notation and a chance to experience performing in front of an audience.

Violin Lessons

We also offer violin lessons to Year 2 children (and some Year 1’s in the Summer Term). These are taught by a specialist violin teacher employed by Hounslow Music Service. She comes every Thursday afternoon for 2 hours to teach small groups of 6 children. We charge £40 per term for these lessons and the school provides the children with a school violin which they borrow from us at no charge.


Our choir meets once a week in the Summer Term where they practice vocal exercises to warm up their voices and learn and sing a variety of songs. Our choir performs regularly in assemblies at our school, at the neighbouring junior school and at a local care home for the elderly residents there.

Shows & Performances

There are many opportunities for the children to perform in a musical capacity throughout the year. Two of our biggest events are the Key Stage 1 Christmas show and the Early Years Spring Show where children perform, sing and dance to an audience of parents, governors and guests. The children also have an opportunity to perform in class assemblies to the school and parents. We also take advantage of any opportunities for informal performances within our year groups.

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