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Physical Education 

“No matter what or where you come from, if you work hard at something you can achieve it.”  - Sir Mo Farah

At Norwood Green Infant & Nursery School we want our children to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to perform with increasing confidence and competence in a range of physical activities. We want to equip our children to succeed in sport and other physical activities. We aim to inspire all children to develop a love of physical activity and ensure sport for all.


We recognise the importance PE plays in the curriculum and are committed to providing all children to fully engage in Physical Education. The aim of our PE curriculum is to:

  • Develop children's basic physical competencies
  • Build confidence in their ability
  • Build the foundations for a lifelong love of sport, physical activity and a healthy lifestyle
  • Encourage children to compete against themselves and others whilst being challenged to improve their physical, social, emotional and thinking skills.

PE Curriculum

Our high quality PE curriculum is inclusive and progressive throughout the school. Our teaching staff and specialist PE coaches deliver safe and motivating lessons. Children learn and develop their skills, knowledge and understanding through a number of sport. These include: Fundamental skills, Team Building, Skipping, Tag rugby, Football, Cricket, Hockey, Athletics, Dance, Yoga and Gymnastics.

These skills are embedded in the heart of our planning. We follow a broad and balanced PE curriculum created by Get set 4 PE  Our objectives align with the National Curriculum in that we aim to ensure all pupils:

  • Develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities
  • Are physically active for sustained periods of time
  • Engage in competitive sports and activities
  • Lead healthy, active lives


We take part in a variety of competitions ranging from intra-class cross country, dance and football to Borough competitions such as Multi-skills and Dance. At Norwood Green Infant School we encourage competition in sport.

Extra-curricular clubs

As well as 2 hours of timetabled lessons, we also provide extra-curricular clubs during lunchtimes and afterschool. These have included, football, football for our deaf children run by deaf coaches, skipping, gymnastics, yoga, Bollywood dancing and chess. This provides extra coaching for children who have an interest in developing their skills. We also provide additional PE during curriculum time for children who need help with their balance and co-ordination.




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