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We hope that you managed to receive a home learning pack for you to support your child’s learning during school closure. The pack contains printed sheets and ideas to keep you busy for about two weeks but you may work through it at your own pace. You do not need to complete everything in the pack but please try to do some structured learning linked to letters (phonics), numbers and shapes every day.

Log onto Tapestry regularly to complete new learning activities and to share your childs learning journey at home.  

As we are part of the Foundation Stage, much of our learning is through play and different activities set up indoors and outdoors, but due to this current shift to home learning, we would like to give you some ideas about how you could structure your day.
These are ideas and suggestions, so please adapt and change what you need to so that it works well for you and your family.

EYFS Activity Library

Please click the document below to access a wonderful library full of  50 Fun EYFS activities you can try at home with your child. These includes Lego Painting, Hide the Toy and much more! 

50 Fun EYFS Activities Library

Early Years Reading & Writing Activities

The Reading Nook


Making up a cosy spot just for book time is a great trick to create positive reading connections even for the most resistant little ones. It doesn’t have to be a big deal, just gather some fluffy pillows, pile up some books and separate your snuggly corner with a cardboard wall.


Song sticks

Glue some simple symbols from your favourite nursery rhymes and songs to create the sticks. Then let kids choose one and guess what it stands for before they sing. Rhymes are not only a great way of developing listening and speaking skills but also work as a great social exercise. Perfect for quick interludes too!

Tracing Letters

Why not try some creative alternatives to those printed worksheets? Take the learning outside and draw letters with chalk on the pavement so that kids can fill the spaces with pebbles or erase them carefully with a fizzy mixture. It’s immersive and makes children focus on each letter for a longer time.

Secret Letters

Sprinkle a little bit of magic into your children’s day. Take a white crayon and write some letters or short words on a white piece of paper. Hand kids some watercolour paints and watch their amazement when they discover secret marks coming up out of nowhere…

Follow the word path

Make a trail of cards with words that your kids have just learnt and turn them into a game. Let’s see who can get the furthest with spelling out all the words correctly!

To mix this activity up, you can use dice or get them to jump from one step to another on one leg to work on the gross motor skills.

Train Track


A nifty way to sneak in some EYFS teaching to pure fun. Write letters on the toy train track parts and let kids’ imagination go wild with building the paths and connecting different letters to make up some familiar words. Later, encourage children to say the letters out loud when their vehicles drive over the writings.

Who am I?

It’s a classic, adjusted to our EYFS literacy needs. Tell each kid to first write down a word they have learnt recently and then stick it to their friend’s forehead so that they can guess what the word is without looking at it. Feel free to play around with the questioning rules to make sure that all the little participants can get involved!

Alphabet Museum

Create a DIY showcase with some cardboard boxes and write a big letter in the middle of each one of them. Have kids look for various, small items in the nursery and place them in a box corresponding to the letter they begin with. This activity can be a long lasting game if you change the ‘exhibition’ every now and then or move the boxes around.

Letter Hunt

Write letters around the edge of a paper plate and cut in between each letter. Next time you are somewhere outdoors, give the kids the plates and have them fold down the letters as they spot them in their surroundings. You can create groups and turn this activity into a playful competition.

Spelling with Lego

Good, old LEGO comes to the rescue yet again. Write two to four-letter words on the long blocks and see if the little ones can recognise the marks and find single, corresponding blocks to stick on top of them.


Useful Websites

There are lots of websites and ideas for Early Years learning online, but here are some of our favourites for inspiration and ideas when planning learning experiences.

     Register for free at for lots of learning resources         that are continuously updated.


         Teach your monster to read website  



           Free ICT games to play at home


         Online education resources and game



           Free phonics games to play at home.
           Enter the username march20 and the password: home



Espresso                     Click on Free Resources to access phonics, grammar, maths and                                        worksheets 

Mr McSchool             Website resources to access during school closure


Mr McSchool            Reading Resources to access during school closure

Mr McSchool            Free Maths Resources 

Tricky Words            Videos about Tricky Words


We use this site for many of our teaching resources and activities, including most of the information in your home learning packs. They are currently offering free access and resources for parents/carers who may be in need of ideas.

Please log in to and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS then go to the EYFS for parents area to find some really useful guides and activities to share.